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Frequently Asked Questions for the Timeshare Buyer



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What are the benefits of this web site?
You can buy a timeshare at a great price. They are listed at huge discounts from the developers prices.


What is a timeshare?
Timeshares offers people the opportunity to purchase or rent time at fully furnished vacation accommodations - usually in weekly increments - for a fraction of the cost of full vacation home ownership. Timeshares can take a variety of forms. The most common is a resort condominium (which can range from a studio with a partial kitchen, all the way up to a five-bedroom unit with a full kitchen and luxury amenities).

How do I buy a timeshare?
go to and follow the links.

What will your service cost me?


How do I place a want ad for a resort?

Find the resort you are interested in and choose the "Be notified of new postings for this resort" link. When an owner posts a timeshare at that resort, you will receive an automatic e-mail letting you know that a new property has been posted. You can then go look at it and decide if you want to inquire about it.


How do I know if an owner really owns that week they have posted?
You should contact the resort yourself to confirm the owner's ownership before you purchase.

How do I handle the closing or transfer of the timeshare?
We offer a timeshare sales agreement or timeshare sales contract. Once you have the contract, use a reputable legal firm like we have here: to handle your closing. They will your sales contract to handle all the paperwork for sales and escrow the money. They handle the sales contract between the seller and the buyer, a "no liens affidavit", closing statements, and holding money in escrow.


What is a float week?
A float week ownership does not specify any particular week. So it offers the ability to reserve any week, every year. Some resorts exclude certain holiday weeks, so you'd want to check with the resort to see what float covers


What is lockout?
Lockout means that the unit has two front doors and can be separated.


What does color mean (for example, Red)?
Each color serves as a rating of the overall desirability of a particular week at a timeshare resort. Red is considered peak season and the most desirable time of year to own. Red is followed by white and yellow, and then blue and green, which are considered off-season.


How do I finance a timeshare purchase?
To finance a timeshare, you should use a reputable timeshare financing company.


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