Scam Alert


  • NEVER wire or send any funds directly to the Buyer or the “Buyer’s Agent”. A bona fide licensed Broker should be ok to send a check to, however, please confirm with us first to be sure that they are legitimate. There is NO legitimate reason to send any funds to the buyer or some other party when selling your timeshare. If you are dealing with a licensed Real Estate Broker that is using our website and services you are welcome to contact us at [email protected] to confirm that the broker is legitimate.
  • ALWAYS use an independent professional closing company to handle funds and the paperwork. A list of trusted timeshare closing companies can be found here: . Being asked to send funds for some type of advance fee to the seller or seller’s “agent” in selling your timeshare is a scam.
  • NEVER pay a high up-front fee to market your timeshare. Fees of $100 or higher are a huge red flag. Scammers go after hundreds of dollars and are very convincing. Legitimate licensed timeshare brokers don’t charge any fees up front. Legitimate marketing fees are well under $100 in total costs, more likely in the $20 to $40 amount.
  • We NEVER mail or send sales contacts or any other paperwork to sellers. This would be done by professional closing companies. If you have received paperwork with listed on it this is a SCAM. is a highly trusted company. We do not make unsolicited calls or do any telemarketing to timeshare owners. If someone is calling you saying that they are they are scamming you. Our name has been used by scammers in the past because of our excellent reputation.


Scam 1: NEVER open an attachment from a renter that takes you to your e-mail login page.

Scammers have been targeting owners with rental ads with a trick to access your e-mail.

How the scam works:

  • They say they want to rent your timeshare, and during the negotiations you receive an e-mail with a link or an attachment that takes you to a legitimate-looking e-mail login page (Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc.).
  • You enter your login information for your account and click submit.
  • The scammers capture this information and now has access to your e-mail.
  • They then take control of other accounts by using the forgot password function. The password is mailed back to you but they have access to your e-mail and can see your password.

Scam 2: The person acts as though they want to rent your timeshare and then will overpay with either a counterfeit check or a stolen credit card and then tell you to forward the overpayment to a shipper - who is the scammer and there will be some story as to why it needs to be wired to them. So the scammer gets your money and runs. Then the bank will bounce the entire amount out of your account once they discover it is counterfeit.

Don't accept overpayments and don't wire money to anyone for any reason when doing business online.

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