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Thanks, we sold our timeshare thanks to your website. I thought that I'd let you know that. Your website is awesome. We rented our timeshare 4 years on your site and also sold it on your site. Thanks for having such a great website.

Lynda M from Michigan

Rented my timeshare in 1 day. Didn't think I had a chance, since it starts this Sat .Best $20 I ever spent.

George D from Dublin, Georgia

I've sold my unit and want to thank you for your service. You have been professional and helpful throughout this process, and the closing company I chose from your recommendations did a very good job.

CL from Michigan

Once again your web site pays for itself !!! Got a booking just after I spoke to you. Thanks.

i have listed with this site for over 8 years now and i'm still amazed by the quality of bookings and the exceptional value provided by mike and his team.
i always tell my friends to list on this site

John B. Kissimmee, Fl

Just a note to say how excited we were with the response we received on your website.

We booked three rentals in the year with very little effort. The last one was even after we marked the rental as 'booked through 2011'!

We have worked with other sites and this one is totally awesome. We'll be back when we have more time to rent.

Dan H. from Michigan

I never dreamed my timeshare would sell within 2 weeks of when you posted my ad. And for such a small price. I have paid many $$$ for about 6 years to sell this and one I had before it!! I was ignorant about the sale process and should have come to you first. Thank you!!

Nancy S from Windham, Maine

With the economy being as it is, we anticipated difficulty in renting/selling our timeshare. Within 24 hours of listing on your site, we had 6 people contact us about purchasing, and even more for rental. We had priced it fairly based on market research, and sold it for the asking price within days. Thank you for a job well done!

Anne O from Allentown, NJ

Just to let you know that thanks to your Web site (after trying others and paying exhorbitant fees), I sold my Polo Towers timeshare within 45 days after listing.

Donna B from Cheyenne, WY

Just to let you know that thanks to your Web site (after trying others and paying exhorbitant fees), I sold my Polo Towers timeshare within 45 days after listing.

Donna B from Cheyenne, WY

I submitted this posting 2 hours ago and it has rented, this speaks to the power of your site. Thank you for providing such a good service to owners, renters and buyers.

Janet B. from Sterling, Massachusetts

I would like to thank you for your service. It has been really useful; I had an offer within hours of posting my rental, and the unit was rented at the asking price. I have an offer for the second unit which still needs confirmation. I will certainly use your service again next year if we are not going to Florida. The Condo offered to rent our units, and asked for an exclusive agreement and a 35% fee. Needless to say, I didn't agree (I already had the listing on your service and had one offer).

Brigitte E.. from Chicago, Illinois

Your site was very successful. I rented my unit quickly. Keep me posted on all updates. I will use your site again next year.

Stan P. from St. Louis, Missouri

My timeshare was rented less than 24 hours after listing. Thanks!!!! Your site must get a lot of hits...Will use this again.

Kirk S. from Turlock, California

We are very thankful for your site. Had several inquiries on our timeshare and sold it for the asking price. Also, we've rented our other weeks through your site, and again have been very happy with the results. We pass along your web address whenever we can. Great doing business here.

Ed and Joanne A. from Madison, CT

I am amazed at how quickly my timeshare sold through your site I had 3 inquiries in the first week and one of those has purchased the timeshare. Thank you so much for hosting this site. I will most certainly tell all my friends who have timeshare about your site.

Gail H. from Peterborough, Canada

I recently listed a timeshare for sale on your site and was shocked at the response. I had a response within 1 hour from the person who ultimately bought my points. I kept the ad on the site during the transfer period, and continued to get additional inquiries which I saved in case the sale fell through.

John R. from Seattle , Washington

Rented my week-52 unit through your service in 10 days. Very pleased with your operation. Fair price for responsible tool. Will tell friends.

Anthony I. from Northport, New York

Hi: This is to inform you that I sold my Timeshare. I want to tell you that I received the inquiry, and sale, as a result of the add I placed with you. Also, I received many other inquires as a result of this add. I want to thank you for this. Thanks,

Art K from Higganum, Connecticut

Thanks so much- unit sold in 24 hours- couldn't believe it. Have told others about this site!!

E. L. From Mattapoisett, MA

We are so glad that we found your web site. We have been trying for three years to sell our property. We went as far as paying a real estate to sell it (to no avail). After posting on your site, we have had many inquiries and eventually a sale. Thanks again. I highly recommend this site to any one who is serious about selling a timeshare.

Geneldap, Texas

We finally sold our timeshare after trying a number of other so called resale companies. We actually paid $500 for another service that did not bring us 1 lead. With your service we had quite a few leads and one that lead to the sale. Thanks very much, John T. from La Verne, CA Feel free to use my testimony.

My wife and I have been trying to sell our timeshare for years. I have paid up-front fees twice to list it. I even sat through a presentation asking me to pay $3,000 to take it off my hands! So, with some degree of skepticism, I posted our timeshare on your web site. Within 24 hours, I had a check for our asking price, and the closing has just been accomplished. Thanks.

David S. from Marietta, Georgia

Thanks for your help. I was able to sell the unit through your web site and received more activity through your site then through another timeshare listing form that I had paid $485 to list the unit.

John I. from Columbus, Ohio

We want to let you know that we recently closed on the sale of our Heavenly Valley Townhouse timeshare. Thank you for being here to help. In the past we spent $600 with a timeshare sales outfit that brought nothing - not even one contact. We are very pleased with My Resort Network. Thank you once again for being there.

Dee M. from Battle Ground, Washington

Your website and services worked FANTASTIC ! I posted my timeshare for sale at 10:30pm and within 20 minutes I had 5 parties interested in buying my property. The next day I had 4 more, and 1 of the people bought my unit. This is a great website and I am already recommending to all my timeshare owner friends. Keep up the good work...

J. D. from Centerville, Ohio

Just wanted you to know how pleased we were with your website, and how smooth the sale went. We had been taken by xxxxx and others, and had been taken for a ride each time. Our timeshare sold within three months, and accomplished what we had been trying to do for years. We will definitely recommend you to others. Thanks so much

Ken L. from Monroe, NC

This is either an unbelievable site, or the Manhattan Club is more desired than I imagined. we received the first contact the day after posting, and sold to that contact. Since then, there have been two other contacts. Total time less than two weeks.

John H. from Lake Forest Park, Washington

This is either an unbelievable site, or the Manhattan Club is more desired than I imagined. we received the first contact the day after posting, and sold to that contact. Since then, there have been two other contacts. Total time less than two weeks.

John H. from Lake Forest Park, Washington

Listing our Condo with your site was the best thing we could have done. We had many inquiries in such a short time until it was rented. Your site is as wonderful as the support you offer. Thank you.

Mary D. from Sunland, California

I had feedback on this unit in less than 12 hours and rented it right away. I used your lease agreement and I know it has provided both parties with peace of mind. Thanks so much. I will definitely use myresortnetwork.com again! I was also very impressed with how easy it is to search for rentals using your system. Well done!

Roger L. from Calgary

I've now rented out all my timeshare weeks I'd accumulated. Please close out my 'for rent postings at 3 locations. I may resubmit a week early next year if we decide we will not be using it. I'm so glad I found your website, I could have rented more weeks easily if I had more to rent out. Thank you for all your assistance in helping me through your website.

Linda and Doug from Port Neches, Texas

This site was great!!! I rented our timeshare for the week we couldn't use this year for our fair asking price. Best part? I saved 33% commission fees if I had done the rental through Marriott. Better part? It rented in 2 weeks. I'll be back!

Rich M. from Toms River , New Jersey

This site works We have just received payment for our unit at the Galleon. So please indicate it as SOLD. It was so easy and inexpensive doing business through your site.

Mary R. from Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts

I wanted to thank you and tell you now impressed I am with My Resort Network.Your website has given me more leads than any advertising I have done in the past! It is remarkable. I appreciate so much that you have made such an effort to get the exposure with My Resort Network that you have.Your website is constantly one of the first ones identified on many addresses.You were so prompt and helpful in emailing me and I appreciate it. Your price was very fair and well worth it. Thank you,

B. Snow from Salt Lake City, Utah

I sold my timeshare in less than 6 months at full asking price to a fellow Coloradoan. I am overjoyed--thank you and I will be recommending your service to everyone I meet!

Rose B. From Denver Colorado

We are so grateful that we posted our unit on your site. We had tried unsuccessfully to sell our week in numerous other ways for the past 18 months with NO results. We are one of your success stories....added our unit to your site on 3/25/04 and received a check for our asking price on 8/23/04. Thank you for providing a great service. We will use your site when we vacation in the future - to look for units for rent. It's the only way to go!

Ken and Michele from Ohio

Your site is awesome! Our unit was for sale for 4 years through xxxx and yyyyl. We had zero inquiries through those services plus we had to pay them up front. Your website yielded us 19 inquiries within two months! We have sold the unit through this site. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

K. Dunks, Park City, UT

I am very happy to have sold both of my timeshares advertised on your site. Thank you.

Patricia D, Aubrey, Texas

What a wonderful site that provides a much needed service. The best part about your service is that the interested parties deals with the owner direct, no hoops to jump through or roadblocks ! I was in complete control of my ad. Cheap to list for sale. I had eight inquires and SOLD my timeshare in less than 60 days ! Your site is so user friendly and it DOES get results. I am so glad I found your site,you made it happen for me ! Many many thanks !

Ed in VA

We rented our timeshare within a couple weeks of listing it! This site is a great tool for timeshare owners - and vacationers!

MBJ from Grand Rapids, Michigan

Thank you. Great site. I rented our timeshare in less than a month. We will definitely use the service again, and have already told friends about it!!!

Lorraine from Rhinebeck, New York

Amazing service, thank you very much. Rented a week and sold a timeshare in a week. Never thought it was possible. Thanks!! Amazing service, thank you very much. Thanks!!

Chip from Redmond, Washington

I had been trying to sell my timeshare for over a year. I listed with your site and sold to the first person to respond.THANK YOU so much.

J. White, Big Stone Gap, Virginia

I posted our timeshare unit for rent last week and our unit has already been rented through MyResortNetwork.com! We are thrilled with the results we received using your network!! Thank you!

Kathy S. Rockford, Michigan

WOW, you did it. After years of trying to sell my timeshare, I was able to do it through your site. Thank you.

Adina Modesto, CA

I just have to write and thank this website for your service. I had a timeshare week to sell, and through MyResortNetwork I received good response to my ad and a had buyer in less than 30 days. This is much better than putting an ad in the newspaper. I found the site is user friendly, providing an excellent forum to communicate with interested parties. Thank you for a wonderful service.

Marianne, Bradenton, FL

I have received so many inquiries via your website. Thank so much for your help. I have been successful in renting all my units and the sale of another. I've decided to buy another ts since I was so successful with my rentals and sale.

Linda from Jacksonville, FL

Folks, this portal for selling my Hanalei Bay timeshare has been terrific! It is reasonably-priced. And it uses the power of the Internet to expedite the process. It has been, by far, the best and only results-producing resource for selling my timeshare! Over the last several years, I got suckered in by around 5 different timeshare selling resources, at a hefty price of $350 to $450 each and they produced no results. They were all kind of a "take your money and run" operation. My sense is the timeshare resell market is full of these kinds of scam operations. And some of them were well-known, big-name companies as well. So seller beware! Using MyResortNetwork.com, I had several people contact me to purchase my unit and some to rent it out. I just finished the sale of my timeshare unit and it was a very smooth process. Many kudos to the folks who operate www.MyResortNetwork.com. You are providing a wonderful and much-needed service. Sincerely,

Betsy from Pacifica, California

Thanks for your super website. My unit has been rented and I received several other requests for information. Thanks. I will definitely use your service again.

Statesville, NC

I am totally surprised at the responses I have been getting by using your services. Within the time I posted till now I have rec'd 8 queries about my timeshare. Your service is great and others should know how effective it is.

John R, from Niantic, Connecticut

Very Satisfied To Whom It May Concern: I just have to write and thank this website for your service. I had a timeshare week to sell, and through MyResortNetwork I received good response to my ad and a had buyer in less than 30 days. This is much better than putting an ad in the newspaper. I found the site is user friendly, providing an excellent forum to communicate with interested parties. Thank you for a wonderful service.

Marianne from Bradenton, FL

Thank-you for all your help. Thank-you for a wonderful service. It couldn't be better!

Barbara from Blue Springs, Missouri

I posted an ad to rent my timeshare on MyResortNetwork.com just 3 weeks ago and within 2 weeks I had both weeks rented. I couldn't't believe it! In this day of all the timeshare scams and also all those people calling me to claim they can sell or rent my timeshare if I pay a $199 up front fee, you're service really delivers – thank you so much!!!!!

Maria from Cincinnati, Ohio

I have been extremely satisfied with the response I've gotten to my ads on your website. I only wish that I had found it sooner. My mother literally gave away her timeshare to the management organization so she wouldn't be responsible for maintenance fees. I advertised her unit on your site and had many inquiries before I heard that she had already disposed of it. I will recommend your site to others and hope to use it myself for future vacations.

Rick from Savannah, GA

WOW Thank you so much! I rented my timeshare this morning. You provide a great service and I really appreciate it!

Hilde K. Clifton Park, NY

To: My Resort Network. com Support Staff Re: posting on your site I have sold my unit, and wish my posting to be closed and removed from the Website. Thank you very much for help in this matter, I sold it to the first person who emailed me after seeing it posted on your Website. Thanks.

Jeffrey G. Seattle, Washington

Rented my timeshare in two days on this site. You can bet I'll be back!

Roger B. Kentland, Indiana

This has been the best website. I have sold 1 timeshare and rented 2 others. I don't know how but seems everyone knows about this website and you get results Whoever designed the site should be commended. Thank you very much.

Susan, Delaware

"RENTED" after only 4 days of advertising! Thanks to My Resort Network, the best website we've seen for timeshares!!

Pete and Jacqueline G, Washington

Hi just a note thank you!!! your website was able to get my timeshares rented just within a few weeks!! and i say awesome!!! God bless Keith,

White Lake, Michigan

I listed my timeshare on Monday 6/2/03 and that same day an interested party contacted me. Today, Friday 6/6/03 this same person is purchasing our timeshare. Thank you!!!!!

Z. Martinez, Woodhaven, NY

I just listed this week and had an e-mail today confirming purchase! Thanks,

Charles, Scottsdale, Arizona

Successes Hi, we have recently sold the Carlsbad Inn timeshare that we had listed for Week #41.... We had very good success in advertising on your site and it sold very quickly. Thank you.

Andy Wilson

Hello: I am very pleased with your site. It was so easy for me to place a very attractive ad. Thanks to you, my timeshare was sold in no time!!! Keep up the good work.

Cassandra Powell-Austin

Hi We just wanted to let you know that we have SOLD our timeshare using this web site. Thank you. It was a great place to network with others and we will keep this bookmarked for when we are looking to rent a week. Thanks again.

Jim andCathy Forster

I have just completed the sale of my timeshare unit which I had posted on your website. Other than the delays which seem to be typical when attorneys are involved, the process was not at all unpleasant and the buyer was a pleasure to do business with. Your website provided a terrific service in hooking up a seller who no longer had a need for a timeshare and a buyer who I am sure will be a happy owner. Thank you on behalf of both of us. Sincerely

Arnie Hill

Just wanted to let you know that the sale of our Fox River unit is complete. Thanks to your site, we found a quality buyer and got a fair price. Thanks again,

Larry andMarie-

You have an amazing, well prepared, web-site, as we rented our both weeks available for 2003, within 2 weeks from posting, having received 6 inquiries for the rental and, one inquiries so far for its sale; only selling our home away from home, because of a health, problem. It hurts, since we have enjoyed our Polo Towers Deluxe Condo, so much, over these past 10 years.

Ed and Dot, Tampa, Florida

Rented! Please update the listing to show the successful rental. Your website is tremendous! We have had at least 5 contacts in the last week for the unit. Keep up the good work!

Valerie and Steve Brown

I have rented 2 of my weeks from your site. this the first time i have ever been successful on a website in renting a week and i have been on many with no results over the past several years. so you must be doing something right.


I rented one of my units through your site, and am waiting to hear about several others. I appreciate your website and have recommended it to a LOT of friends -- even through my home business. Thank you. I like the way your website operates.

Sincerely, Karen

Rented in 2 weeks time. Great site, beautiful graphics and just the right amount of information. Thanks, I've posted a unit for sale now!


Accommodations were wonderful I was going to call you as I wanted to thank you in person, but I have yet to get home at a reasonable hour. The accommodations were wonderful. Not only was the condo comfortable and well kept, it was also tastefully furnished and decorated which enhanced our stay there. Both of the hot tubs and the pool were a pleasure to use (we've stayed in other places at Vail where the water temperature was not warm enough to be enjoyable). The staff was pleasant and helpful and the shuttle van to and from Golden Peak was right on time each day. In fact, on the fresh powder days (we had 3), by riding the Golden Peak chair and then the Northwoods chair, we beat our friends who stayed at the Tivoli and who used the Vista Bahn and Mountain Top Express to get to the top. Not only did we walk a shorter distance to the base lift, but more importantly we got "first tracks". Unless my circumstances change, I hope to rent from you again next year for the same week. Talk to you soon,


Renting from you was quick and easy I'd like to thank you again for the use of your condo the week after Christmas. Renting from you was quick and easy - very painless. Once we got to The Wren, we had no problems with the check in. The condo was very clean and spacious. We loved the fireplace. Even though it was only one bedroom, our daughter was very comfortable in the living room. Since the TV cabinet had drawers, this worked out great. We utilized the shuttle to and from the lift and much time was spent relaxing in the pool and hot tubs. Thanks again and I'm sure we'll be checking with you again on availability for renting. Sincerely,

Judy Meyer

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