Market Value Resort Information Report on Rentals and Resale

To get a resale or rental timeshare market value, use the "Select a location" drop down below to choose the state or country of the resort. Then use the "Select the resort" to choose the resort. Get volumes and prices of timeshares for rent and sale. See statistics on current for rent and for sale units and sold and rented weeks. Because is not involved in the sale or rental of the unit, we only know the unit has been sold/rented if the owner marks it sold/rented. Because of this, the sold/rented date is not available and the price indicated is the asking price not the final price.

You can immediately have access to market value and appraisal information:

  • statistics on current units for rent or sale
  • statistics on units that have been rented or sold on this website
  • a list of all vacationers signed up to be notified of new ads at the resort
  • statistics on the number of contacts owners with ads at this resort have received
  • you will have access to this live report as many times as you want for one year

Here are some actual reasons people have given us for ordering this report:

  • Sell Unit
  • selling a timeshare
  • Selling my timeshare
  • To sell my unit
  • prices of sold and rented units at this resort.
  • pricing my timeshare and possibly selling it
  • Pricing of timeshare for resale - odd years, studio, floating weeks 18-51
  • primarily to sell our timeshare, optionally to rent in the meantime.
  • property appraisal
  • Receive selling prices of timeshares at Oakmont Resort
  • rent a timeshare
  • Rental pricing for my unit week 30 at the resort. Coconut Bay Resort, Fort Lauderdale Fl.4
  • rental/sale pricing
  • renting my unit
  • re-sale
  • resale and rental values and contacts
  • resale value
  • sale of a Penthouse unit
  • Sale of timeshare
  • Sales Estimate
  • sell timeshare
  • Sell Timeshare
  • Comparable sales
  • Considering Sale
  • Desire to view the list of people signed up to be notified of new ads for this resort to determine the demand.
  • Determine market value for renting or selling my timeshare weeks.
  • Determine rental value and also re-sale value
  • Determine selling price
  • fair rental price
  • financial net worth
  • find out going rates for renting out bonus weeks
  • For the purpose of selling a timeshare unit at BRMR
  • have a timeshare to rent - want to know the going rate
  • Help to price the rental of my Grand Mayan 2 Bedroom Unit. Also I would like to see the average sales cost if possible.
  • I am considering renting my timeshare.
  • I am donating (transferring ownership) my one week (white) timeshare at the Mayan Palace Puerto Vallarta to Habitat for Humanity. We need to know what this unit has sold for in recent months so we have a value to put on it. I need it for taxes and they need
  • I have a timeshare that I may want to sell or rent
  • I own two 2BR, 2Ba full kitchen, porch, 2 car garage and plan to rent both
  • I want to rent a week I own at marriott's cypress harbour spring break
  • I want to rent my Ocean Club timeshare in Aruba for the Gold season May 1 - December 15.
  • I will probably have to try to sell this timeshare.
  • Interested in renting or selling fixed week #19 at Newport-On-Shore.
  • Interested in selling my weeks
  • Looking to sell, unit 14, week 39, want as much as i can get for it.
  • Market prices for rentals and sales in this resort.
  • market report
  • market research
  • Maybe I will sell my timeshare
  • Might be interested in selling my time-share this year!
  • Need to know appraised value for tax purposes if I donate to charity or if I sell at a loss.
  • Need to know how much rent is norm & how much that the norm is for sale.
  • Need to know market value of property for legal reasons.
  • New owner looking for fair rental price
  • Personal Use
  • want to sell 280,000 points at 3 resorts in VA
  • want to sell my unit
  • want to sell our timeshare
  • Want to sell.
  • We want the market analysis of a 1 bedroom deluxe unit at the Mountainside Lodge, Whistler, BC, Canada.
  • We want to sell our 2 bedroom/2bath villa at Orange Lake Country Club for best possible price.
  • would like to sell.
  • to sell our holiday float unit
  • Trying to sell timeshare and want idea as to pricing
  • Valuation
  • Valuation for Divorce Proceedings
  • want to rent or sell timeshare
  • To both rent, and sell my units at Welk Resort. I own three weeks in different units.
  • To check out what timeshares are selling for at this resort.
  • To check rental rates so we can post ad for rental.
  • to determine a fair rental price to advertise
  • to determine mv for rapid sale of two week/year 1 BR unit at Maui Marriott Ocean Club
  • to determine selling price and/or rental
  • To determine selling price as well as rental price for units at this location.
  • to find out what the going rate for Phase II and Phase III units in hopes of renting ours
  • To find the right price to sell my timeshare fast
  • to get prices to list
  • to help determine the right sales price for my timeshare unit
  • to help me rent/sell my timeshares
  • To help rent or sell my Timeshare in Club de Soleil.
  • To help us in making a decision about selling our interval.
  • To insure correct pricing on rental week.
  • to price a rental properly
  • To price my timeshare to sell.
  • To purchase/rent a timeshare.
  • To rent timeshare
  • to research rental rates
  • to sell To sell 280,00 points
  • to sell points
  • Suggested rental fees and selling prices
  • thinking about selling
  • thinking of buying
  • Selling 3 of my timeshares
  • 1st; sell timeshare 2nd; rent timeshare
  • Appraisal for sale of unit.
  • Appraise our timeshare for rent/sale
  • bankruptcy
  • Both selling and renting of unit in Fairfield Governors Green
  • check if value is accurate
  • Check price for possible adjustment of listing

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