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Frequently Asked Questions for the Timeshare Owner



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What are the benefits of this website?
The site is community of individuals brought together by a common timeshare. There are various features for timeshare owners, such as pictures, resort reviews, and resort news. You can post your unit for sale and for rent. By posting your unit for or rent on this site, you may be able to rent it out and keep all the rent money. You can cover your maintenance fee and have some money left over. Vacationers(somebody wanting to rent or purchase a timeshare) can also place a want ad for any specific resort. Owners can view those want ads directly.


Who can post units for sale or rent on this site?
This site is solely for the purpose of individual owners of timeshares and vacationers. Any agent, reseller, corporation, timeshare resale company, or individual in the business of timeshare resales or rentals should contact sales to discuss commercial privileges and requirements. Each ad can only represent one week for sale or rent. Separate ads must be places for a resale and rental. Separate ads must be placed for multiple weeks owned at one resort, but we offer a discount for owners that have over four weeks at the same resort. Contact us for the rates.

How do I post my week?
You can post your week for sale on-line here by simply clicking on the button "sell your condo" on the left of the resort home page. You can post your week for rent on-line here by simply clicking on the button "rent your condo" on the top of the home page.

I have many getaway weeks that I would like to rent
This is great for you. Here is how to benefit: Post a rental ad at the most popular resorts, then you should be contacted by vacationers to rent them. Contact us and we can tell you the most popular resorts and you can post rental ads at each one. You should do great. We have almost 5,000 timeshares on our website and over 10,000 people a day coming to our website. Most are vacationers looking for timeshare rentals. If you booked holiday times and summer times at the popular resorts you are bound to do very well:

What will your service cost me?
Everything on the site except posting your timeshare for rent and sale, a resort report, and the timeshare lease and sales contract is free. We are timeshare owners too. There is a $19.95 charge to post an ad for each individual fixed week for rent that runs until the week is up ($24.95 for a float week that runs for six months). Sale ads cost $34.95 and run for six months. The fee is separate for rent and for sale. There are no other charges - no other up front charges and no other charges when you rent or sell your timeshare. We are not involved in the transaction, we just help the timeshare owner and the buyer/renter get together. We do not keep credit card information in our systems for security purposes - so we can't and won't charge you anything else.


How do I determine the rental price?
Having your condo priced right is very important in getting it rented. It is also important to understand that if you rented your week through an agent you would pay between 25% and 40% of the rental price as a fee to the agent, so you should be able to give a good discount from the regular rate since we don't charge a commission. To get a price report on units that have rented see http://www.myresortnetwork.com/timeshare-market-value.asp .


How do I determine the sales price?
We can't advise you on your selling price. Watch out for agents that say they can get you a lot for your week but want a large up-front fee. For all the information you need to price your week and the asking price of timeshares that have sold on this site see http://www.myresortnetwork.com/timeshare-market-value.asp .


When does my posting expire?
Once you post your timeshare for rent, a fixed week ad will run until you mark it rented or it will expire on your check-out date. A float week ad will run for six months. A float is considered anything over 7 days. Your may post your rental week up to two years in advance of your check-out date. The for sale ad will expire after six months.


What are my obligations?
You must own the week you have posted. You must pay your resort's maintenance fee before the guest arrives. You must notify the timeshare that the guest will be using your week. As long as nobody has rented your week, you can pull the posting at any time. You are in control of your posting at all times.

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Can I cancel my posting?
Yes, as long as you haven't already rented out the week to a renter. There are no refunds.

Can I make changes to the information about my unit?
You can go to www.MyResortNetwork.com/MyAccount/ to log in and make changes to your timeshare ad. You can also view all contacts you have received from your ads.

I've lost my password?
Go to www.MyResortNetwork.com/MyAccount/forgot_password.asp


Do I need to pay any taxes?
You may want to speak to your accountant about this topic.

Can I get my money back?
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds.

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What if the renter damages the unit?
The renter is responsible for any damages. The renter's credit card is submitted at check in. Some resorts treat the credit card is for incidental expense only and will not cover damage which is the responsibility of the timeshare owner. Be sure to check with the resort directly.

Can I list my property for Rent and For Sale all at the same time?
Yes. This is advisable. They would need to be separate ads, but this would get you the best visibility to your sale ad and your rental ad to the correct audience.

Do I have to pay twice if I post my week for rent and for sale?
Yes, There is a nominal $19.95 charge for each fixed week rental posting, $24.95 for a float week posting and $34.95 for each sale posting.

I posted my week, but I don't see it on your site. I have listed my property and entered all the information. What's wrong?
The posting should be posted within seconds. Please contact the webmaster at www.MyResortNetwork.com if you still don't see it.

When can I post my week?
The sooner you post your timeshare the better.

Is there a time limit for how far in advance I can list a property?
Your may post your rental week up to two years in advance of your check-out date.

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Can I register my week if I have not paid my annual maintenance fee?
Yes, but you must ensure that your maintenance fee is paid in full and receipted prior to the guests arriving at the complex to use your week.

Can I register my week for rental if they have been banked with an exchange organization like RCI?
Check with the exchange company and the resort you are banking into. If it is ok with them then you can post it at the resort you have been confirmed into.

Can I register my week for rent or sale with somebody else?
Yes, you are free to instruct other organizations to try and rent/sell your week because posting your unit on this site does not limit you to only using our site.

How and when will I know if my week has been rented?
A renter will contact through you through our website if they want to rent or buy your unit.

I have not been contacted by anyone about my ad with you?
Something is wrong. Timeshare owners have been successful on this site. If your unit is only for sale, you should post it for rent too and rent it until it sells. Make sure your e-mail is correct. Go find your posting and e-mail yourself through our site to make sure it works. Consider lowering your price, as price seems to be the driving factor for timeshare resales.

When will I receive the rent and how do I charge?
That is between you and the renter. Once your renter notifies you that they want to rent your unit, you'll need to work on the details with them. As an example, get 25% immediately, secure a guaranteed reservation from the resort, give the renter the reservation number and the phone number to call and verify and then once verified the balance is paid.

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What if the other party cancels after we complete a transaction?
If the renter cancels, the owner is not responsible for returning their money.
The owner can't cancel and if does, must return the money and any other expenses (like airfare) and also may suffer legal consequences.

Am I allowed to reserve my week at my resort for a renter?
Of course, it's your week. You paid for it. You can go there yourself, let a relative or friend use it, or rent it.

What about any charges for the week that my guest might have?
At check-in, a guest will be required to submit a credit card for any charges accrued during the stay.

Do I still need to be a member of a timeshare exchange company?
No, just book your week directly with your resort. Once you have your week confirmed, then post it on www.MyResortNetwork.com to sell or rent.

How do I upload pictures of my property for the web site?
There is a photos page for each resort on our site. You can post more pictures from that page.

Can I pay my posting fees by check or money order?
Yes, you may mail a check to www.MyResortNetwork.com 10818 NW 18 CT Gainesville FL 32606 or use Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, or American Express through our secure and encrypted site. Your credit card information is secure and will not be given to anyone.

Where can I leave feedback on a specific renter?
Send a message to feedback.


How do I change my e-mail address
Send your old e-mail and your new e-mail to Change and we will update your account


How do we handle the closing and paperwork for a rental or a sale?
For rentals, we offer a timeshare lease or a short term vacation rental agreement. For buyers and sellers, we offer a timeshare sales agreement or timeshare sales contract. For sellers, use a reputable legal firm like we have here: http://www.myresortnetwork.com/timeshare-closing/ to handle your closing. They will use your sales contract to help in the closing. Expect them to handle all the paperwork for the transfer and escrow the money. They handle the sales contract between the seller and the buyer, a "no liens affidavit", closing statements, and holding money in escrow.

What about float weeks?
Float weeks are fine to post. There is a limit of one year for the float period per posting on this site and the ad will run for six months. A float is anything over 7 nights.


Do I need a rental agreement or sales agreement?
It would be prudent. You can download a rental agreement here: timeshare rental agreement and a sales contract here: sales contract.


What about scammers?
Unfortunately, they exist. Never give a potential buyer or renter your bank account information. Watch for bad grammar, bad spelling, all capital letters, the fact that they are so sure they want your week as signs. Wanting to wire money to you is another common trick used by scammers. You should always use a middleman to handle the transaction. See www.MyResortNetwork.com/timeshare-closing/ . Please check with us if you question anyone and please report any scammers to us.


My Timeshare is not selling?
If you are not satisfied with your results, you should consider lowering your price. You can see what is for sale at your resort for an idea what is competitive. To find all sold prices at your resort and nearby resorts follow this path: start at www.MyResortNetwork.com and chose the state of the resort on the drop down on the right titled "select a location". Once you see the list, choose the blue link in the middle of the page to see all timeshares for sale in the state. You can then choose to see all those that have sold on this site by clicking the link titled "see sold list here". Prices are included on this list.


Are there any other rules for posting a unit for rent or sale?

1. Due to our strict privacy policy, we ask that you not place your e-mail address, phone number or personal websites in the comments box that is shared with the public. This area is titled "Additional Information" in the "Post your timeshare for rent" and the "Post your timeshare for sale" pages.

2.Only one timeshare is allowed to be advertised per posting - no multiple units in the comments field. A separate posting is needed for each unit available.

3. Once your unit is posted for rent, you can't change it to the next year. This will require a new posting.

4. Separate ads must be places for a resale and rental. Separate ads must be placed for multiple weeks owned at one resort, but we offer a discount for owners that have over four weeks at the same resort that can be found on the payment page when posting your ad.

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