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Frequently Asked Questions for the Timeshare Renter


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What are the benefits of this web site?
You can rent a condo that is less expensive than a hotel but it is much nicer and has more room and amenities than a hotel.

What is a timeshare?
Timeshares offers people the opportunity to purchase or rent time at fully furnished vacation accommodations - usually in weekly increments - for a fraction of the cost of full vacation home ownership. Timeshares can take a variety of forms. The most common is a resort condominium (which can range from a studio with a partial kitchen, all the way up to a five-bedroom unit with a full kitchen and luxury amenities).

Is a timeshare better to rent than a hotel?
Yes, usually timeshares have fully stocked kitchens and multiple rooms.

How do I rent a timeshare?
Go to

What will it cost me?
You pay whatever the owner is asking for rent or negotiate with the owner. We don't charge you anything.

Do you charge the renter a fee?

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How do I place a want ad for a resort?

Find the resort you are interested in and choose the "Be notified of new postings for this resort" link. When an owner posts a timeshare at that resort, you will receive an automatic e-mail letting you know that a new property has been posted. You can then go look at it and decide if you want to inquire about it.


What are my obligations?
Contact the owner and send the owner the agreed-upon rental fee. Make sure they have notified the timeshare that you will be using their week.

Can I cancel the rental?
Only if the owner agrees. This is between you and the timeshare owner.

How do I get my money back?
That is between you and the timeshare owner.

How do I contact the owner of the timeshare?
Click their name next to their property for rent/sale. This will bring up a form that will be sent to the owner.

How do I contact the Timeshare?
We are not affiliated with the timeshare, so you would have to find them on your own.

Should I verify my reservation with the timeshare before arriving?

How long do I get to stay at the resort that I rent?
Usually one week - 7 nights. Timeshares are typically rented in intervals consisting of a seven-night stay.

What should we bring on our vacation?
Your vacation accommodation is fully furnished with all kitchen utensils, TV, down to the sheets and towels.

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What if the other party cancels after we complete a transaction?
If the renter cancels, the owner is not responsible for returning their money.
The owner can't cancel and if does, must return the money and any other expenses (like airfare) and also may suffer legal consequences.


How do I know if an owner really owns that week they have posted?
When posting their week, owners submit that their information is true and accurate. However, you may wish to contact the resort to confirm your reservation.


Where can I leave feedback for a specific property?
Send a message to us.

Where can I leave feedback on a specific owner?
Send a message to us.


Do I need a rental agreement?
It would be prudent. You can download a timeshare rental agreement here.


How do I pay the owner the rental fee?
That is between you and the owner. Once you notify the owner that you want to rent your unit you will need to work on the details with them. As an example, pay 50% immediately, the owner then secures a guaranteed reservation from the resort, gives you the reservation number and the phone number to call and verify and then once verified the balance is paid. Some resorts like Wyndham don't work this way since the owner owns points and cashes them in for the stay.


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