Timeshare Points - A flexible way of owning or renting

What is this?

A conventional timeshare owner has the right to use a week (7 days) which is either specified ("week 12") or a floating week.

Points owners are allotted a number each year which can be used to book a period or periods of time at any one of the resorts owned by the resort group (such as Fairfield or Marriott).

The points program allow owners to exchange a specific number of accumulated credits for a week, weekend or individual nights at resorts that participate in the this arrangement.

Use the links below to rent, sell or buy timeshare points with the major resort groups

RCI deposited weeks where you can choose anywhere

www.myresortnetwork.com/Points/For-Sale/For-Rent/ - generic

RCI Points

If you want to buy or sell at one particular timeshare, find the timeshare here.

Contact us if you don't see your company listed and they offer points.

There are many advantages of buying timeshare points vs. buying a deeded timeshare week. Point systems are more flexible and perfect for vacationers who want to vacation less than 7 days and in various areas. You determine the location, size of the unit, and how long you want to stay.

Many resort groups have dozens to hundreds of resorts you can vacation at using points. You can reserve timeshares all over the USA, Mexico and the Caribbean, and book cruises. The choices offered with these programs are very flexible, since their credits also trade in the RCI and II systems. Points are normally associated with the larger timeshare developers, and unlike traditional timeshare, the points can be used not only in one home resort but in many resorts in the developer's entire system.

It's like owning in all the resorts at once. Points-based timeshares give owners more flexibility as to how the time can be used - a week can be split into several 2 or 3-day increments, for example.

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